Gracie’s new sweater


This is not so much a pattern as a guideline how to make a sweater to fit pretty much any dog. Gracie is about the size of a Corgi, she is 1/2 Corgi and 1/2 Pomeranian.

I used an N hook and worsted weight yarn, but any yarn and hook will work, I wanted something light for spring.

Start by making a granny square that is big enough to fit across the back and down to the top of legs.

Next without breaking yarn, sl st to corner and make a chain that is long enough to attach to the opposite corner and fit around neck without choking. Sl st to the corner and dc to rnds in each st and ch on that side.

Now work 1 or more rnds of dc and finish with a single rnd of sc, end of, this is the collar/neck of your sweater.

At this point I put it on and marked where I wanted the tummy strap to be, it can be as wide or narrow as you want, I used a sort of narrow one because I was going for the light fit.

Work on the side of the granny square until it fits under tummy and reaches the other side of the granny square. Sl st or sew to attach. end off

Now you have a sweater for your pet, finish it by hiding ends or add more decorations or ruffles if you want.

I hope this made sense and helps everyone to make their babies a sweater.


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