New Year, Same Old Me

I do not make New Years Resolutions, I think they are a sure way to feel bad about yourself because you failed to keep them. However I decided this year to set a goal to be nicer to myself. In keeping with that goal I am experimenting with homemade toiletries and care products, in the past I have made bath salts and foot soaks and salves and creams for others, but I never seem to do it for myself. That is about to change, I have been researching different home spa recipes and today I am going to try making homemade, chemical free deodorant. I will post how it works and what I think I should change or not in a few days.

The recipe I am using is my own concoction based on lots of reading and conclusions:

Homemade deodorant (oil free):

1/3 cup baking soda

1/3 cup cornstarch

as much lemon juice as necessary to reach a consistency that you are happy with, I would like mine to be more of a cream, but it would not hurt to make it thinner, more of a lotion. This has the advantage of also naturally bleaching the dark spots from your underarms.

Now off to play chemist.


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